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Dhour El Choueir is at 3Km north of Sharewood Camp
SELL or DIE 101
Sales are a matter of life and death! Arm yourself with the tools necessary to increase your your chances to win this battle of life.

Happy & Successful
Looking for new solutions to life's challenges? Ready to manifest your dreams and desires? Want to communicate & relate better with your ...

Career Coaching
You are about to graduate, Knowing what career you are best suited for is half the battle. We spend 25% of our lives at work. 30 minutes .

Bliss through detox!
Whichever way you go, detox will help you achieve both physical and mental bliss making you feel lighter and allow you to achieve more...

Outdoor Training Center
Experience the outdoors effect. Book your training venue and enjoy the advantages...

Staff Gathering
Make your annual staff gathering a memorable event! Employees. can turn-up in large numbers enjoy & connect with international colleagues..

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